Tag: Biden

  • Episode 85

    The year 2020 is in the history books but the Insider seems to think we didn't learn much from that year since we are starting 2021 much like we started 2020. But with a few notable exceptions.

  • Episode 80

    Hunter Biden is on the lips of just about everyone. The Insider gives you some insight into what is and what has happened in Ukraine in relation to Joe and Hunter Biden

  • Episode 79

    the Insider goes off on Facebook for putting the smack down on another Zinc Media Arts program. He tells you why this is not acceptable and why you, the listener should be outraged.

  • Episode 22

    In this edition he tells you and why there are more important matters than the Mueller Report. And the Insider gives you a bonus report. Don't forget the Dumb Ass Of The Week award. This week he gives the award to a very deserving individual and you will agree. Find out who by listening in. It's 30 minutes of bliss.

  • Episode 17

    Words have meaning. And because of this, it is easy to get stuff wrong because the same word has different meaning around the world and you have to know what meaning is being presented. CS takes you step by step through how this is important and how to achieve parody. Plus Biden is an idiot and CS has the proof.