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    In this episode of The Insider Reports, Rod Eccles joins CS Walker as he talks about what Yellow Cake, eBay and Japan have in common. Plus the Bronze Butt Cheeks […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 8

    What is really going on down in the South American nation of Venezuala? Is Maduro really still in power? If he is, can he hold on to that power? Will […]

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    What is happening in South America? The Insider gives you an inside look at what the real issues are down there and how those issues can and do affect what […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 6

    Who will be this weeks Dumb Ass Of The Week? You will have to listen to find out. Let us know what you think about this weeks winner.

  • The Insider Reports Ep 5

    This week Agent 0010 – CS Walker and Femme Fatale JoJo Hoffman take you on a short trip to the Middle East. The what, where, when, why and how the […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 4

    Your wig will be blown back as CS discusses the ramifications of topics like the European Union. This body politic will affect the rest of the world including the United […]

  • Episode 3

    The Insider Reports Episode 3. This week Agent 0010 and JoJo talk about the dangers all around us and the first “Dumb Ass Of The Week”. You won’t believe who […]

  • Episode 2

    Hear the insight that Agent 0010 and his co-host bring to the table this episode.