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  • Episode 16

    There is more going on than meets the eye in Venezuela. Why will or why won’t the USA invade or otherwise intervene in that troubled state. Who are the real […]

  • Episode 15

    Short and sweet but will still blow your socks off. World War 3 could happen here. Iraq? No. North Korea? No. These two nations have been shooting at each other ever since WWII. Find out who the players are and why the entire world could get sucked into their ongoing "civil" war.

  • Episode 14

    The Media and Democrats still cry "Russia, Russia, Russia" when it comes to President Trump. They claim Rich Russians are all Oligarchs. Does that make wealthy Americans Oligarchs as well? The Insider and Femme Fatale discuss this very thing. Plus the Dumb Ass Of The Week

  • Episode 13

    This episode The Insider goes after an unlikely person. He tells you why he believes President Trump made a huge mistake in his battle with the Democrats and how that could of some affect on how he deals with certain governments abroad.

  • Episode 12

    Iran has a lot going on. But they don't keep what they are doing inside their own nation. The Insider tells you why Iran is exporting more than just terrorism. Plus, this weeks Bronze Butt Cheeks Of Buffoonery goes to...tune in to find out who is the winner this week.

  • Episode 11

    This time, CS and Johanna delve into ISIS and how women interact with ISIS husbands and agents and the ever growing roll women are playing in the War On Terror. What about the recent ISIS Bride? Get the answers you need this episode.

  • Episode 10

    What is Socialism and what nations around the globe are truly Socialist? You will be surprised by the answer as CS tells you why this sort of government does not work

  • The Insider Reports Ep 9

    In this episode of The Insider Reports, Rod Eccles joins CS Walker as he talks about what Yellow Cake, eBay and Japan have in common. Plus the Bronze Butt Cheeks […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 8

    What is really going on down in the South American nation of Venezuala? Is Maduro really still in power? If he is, can he hold on to that power? Will […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 7

    What is happening in South America? The Insider gives you an inside look at what the real issues are down there and how those issues can and do affect what […]