• Episode 71

    This week The Insider talks about the impact the peace agreement between Israel & the UAE will affect the whole of the middle east.

  • Episode 61

    The Insider brings us up to speed on a new yet rather old battlefront in the Tech War between the USA and China. AI has been made very important the country that wins will hold all the cards. The Insider tells us why.

  • Insider Reports Ep 51

    In this episode the Insider brings you up to speed on some happenings in the Middle East. Specifically Iran. It would seem that Iran sent a letter to Greece, a member of the EU and NATO, threatening them with attack if they participate in any way, military action against them (Iran).

  • Episode 49 DOTY Awards Review

    DOTY Awards Review: This episode the Insider has a special guest. Rod Eccles of The Rod Eccles Show joins CS as they discuss the important facts of how a president can conduct a war, military strikes on military targets and effectively eliminate threats to Americans at home and abroad.

  • Episode 40

    a story about an illegal border crossing but this time it's not from Mexico into the USA but from Canada and wait 'till you hear the reason behind it and its funny conclusion. The recent pull out of Syria has many on edge and the Insider tells you why the Middle East has not exploded and it has everything to do with the Turks, Kurds, AND Russians.

  • Episode 28

    The Middle East, especially Iran, is a full blown bonfire right now. The Insider gives you some detail not being told in the news as it pertains to the shooting down of an American Navy drone, US military personnel and bases being targeted by Iran,

  • Episode 24

    Something special in this week episode as the Insider gives proper recognition to those who gave everything so that the rest of us could live in freedom and in safety. It will move you to tears.

  • Episode 16

    There is more going on than meets the eye in Venezuela. Why will or why won’t the USA invade or otherwise intervene in that troubled state. Who are the real […]

  • Episode 15

    Short and sweet but will still blow your socks off. World War 3 could happen here. Iraq? No. North Korea? No. These two nations have been shooting at each other ever since WWII. Find out who the players are and why the entire world could get sucked into their ongoing "civil" war.