• Episode 86

    The Insider Reports: Episode 86: Not an episode to miss. Tune in now.

  • The Round Table

    This special episode brings together all of the Zinc Media Arts hosts as they discuss Covid-19, the Far East and a host of other topics of interest to our listeners.

  • The Round Table

    CS, Kevin, Rod and Sheri gather to discuss the best of the past month. Update some of the stories and to tell you what to expect in the coming month ahead.

  • The Insider Reports Ep 56

    The Insider takes you on the inside of the so-called Russian Collusion conspiracy. Turns out Russian meddling in our elections is older than Democrats want to admit.

  • The Insider Reports Ep 9

    In this episode of The Insider Reports, Rod Eccles joins CS Walker as he talks about what Yellow Cake, eBay and Japan have in common. Plus the Bronze Butt Cheeks […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 8

    What is really going on down in the South American nation of Venezuala? Is Maduro really still in power? If he is, can he hold on to that power? Will […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 7

    What is happening in South America? The Insider gives you an inside look at what the real issues are down there and how those issues can and do affect what […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 6

    Who will be this weeks Dumb Ass Of The Week? You will have to listen to find out. Let us know what you think about this weeks winner.

  • The Insider Reports Ep 5

    This week Agent 0010 – CS Walker and Femme Fatale JoJo Hoffman take you on a short trip to the Middle East. The what, where, when, why and how the […]

  • The Insider Reports Ep 4

    Your wig will be blown back as CS discusses the ramifications of topics like the European Union. This body politic will affect the rest of the world including the United […]