• Episode 42

    one report in this episode taking you back to the Middle East and he then gives you his full analysis of what everything means including why al-Baghdadi was tracked down and killed and why the left lost their collective minds over it.

  • Episode 37

    Insider talks to you about the Saudi Oil Field Attacks and what it really means and how they did it. He also gives you an inside look at ISIS/ISIL and all of the other major terror groups. The Insider also takes you back in time to the rule of Qaddafi.

  • Episode 36

    All about the Middle East and the security of the world. What Hamas is trying to do to Israel in the Golan Heights. More drone attacks. What the Saudis can do to usurp the influence of a declining Iran. And so much more in this episode.

  • Episode 33

    the Insider tells us about how the United Nations and others are trying to use human diet to force Climate Change protection laws. A knifing in California goes mostly unnoticed by the media and why it's important to know. Drones are the future of terrorists activity. Election meddling news that you have not heard before

  • Episode 32

    The UN announces yet another Terror Group. Saudi Arabia makes a friend and ally that is making parts of the Middle East mad and scared. Israel is building new homes but not just for Jews.

  • Episode 31

    This episode the Insider covers stories on Iran, Argentina, Italy, Ukraine and North Korea. ...the Dumb Ass Of The Week. This week, the winner will probably piss you off.

  • Episode 29

    FIVE new reports in this episode. All of which give you information that our media will not tell you. It is very important stuff that you will be able to use when connecting with your elected officials. Plus, the Dumb Ass Of The Week

  • Episode 27

    There may be some surprises in this weeks episode of the Insider Reports. This includes what the Insider thinks about terrorist organizations that are still in operation in Africa and the Middle East. Plus the Bronze Butt Cheeks of Buffoonery goes to a previous winner.

  • Episode 25

    When is a drone a toy? The surprising answer is that it is never a toy. The Insider explains why this is so. Plus he tells you about the "new" uses for drones. And Disney is part of the Dumb Ass Of The Week.

  • Episode 21

    How is it that ISIS keeps recruiting rich and poor to their cause. How is it they can pay "salaries" to their soldiers? The Insider lets you in on the inside intel the spells it all out. Plus the Dumb Ass Of The Week award goes to...