• Insider Reports Ep 51

    In this episode the Insider brings you up to speed on some happenings in the Middle East. Specifically Iran. It would seem that Iran sent a letter to Greece, a member of the EU and NATO, threatening them with attack if they participate in any way, military action against them (Iran).

  • Episode 39

    what Israel is up to in the Middle East and why and if Saudi Arabia is involved or not. Plus, freedom is catching on in more places than just Hong Kong. The American corruption in politics runs very deep. And of course, the Dumb Ass Of The Week. Who could it be?

  • Episode 35

    what is actually going on in Hong Kong. What is happening on the ground is not being reported. Plus what is really currently happening in the Middle East and especially with Iran that our media wont report on

  • Episode 23

    All we hear from our government and our media is Russia, Russia, Russia. The Insider tells you why this is not so and gives you proof that it was actually...