• Episode 69

    The Insider gives us another editorial on how the Chinese and the Russians are using other countries to post false narratives and fake media and how the main stream media fall for it everytime.

  • Episode 65

    Bolton and his book has been on the minds and lips of leftists and Democrats the last few weeks. Some think his words are gospel.

  • Episode 46 The Trump Effect

    The Insider talks to you about how President Trump has had an effect on the people around the world. That effect has given people in various nations the courage to fight for positive political change with in their respective nations.

  • Episode 31

    This episode the Insider covers stories on Iran, Argentina, Italy, Ukraine and North Korea. ...the Dumb Ass Of The Week. This week, the winner will probably piss you off.

  • Episode 15

    Short and sweet but will still blow your socks off. World War 3 could happen here. Iraq? No. North Korea? No. These two nations have been shooting at each other ever since WWII. Find out who the players are and why the entire world could get sucked into their ongoing "civil" war.