Episode 80

The Insider Reports: Episode 80: Who and what are Oligarchs? The Insider helps you to understand who and what they are. Does the United States have them? Yes we do and you will be surprised to find out who they are.

Armenia is a nation in trouble and the US has tried to help in the past. But the number of other nations acting against this small Eastern European country is staggering. The Insider tells you who they are and why they are trying to destroy this nation to this very day.

Hunter Biden is on the lips of just about everyone. The Insider gives you some insight into what is and what has happened in Ukraine in relation to Joe and Hunter Biden. Oh and this is some irrefutable stuff based on the laptop. Oh and that laptop was not stolen or hacked. The Insider has the intel.

And a little different Dumb Ass Of The Week. Will you agree? You will have to listen in to find out. Leave a comment or question below and follow us on social media.

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