Episode 63

The Insider Reports: Episode 63: In this BOMBSHELL of a report, the Insider reveals TWO stories that are earth shattering that the media is not covering. Starting with the African nation of Ghana.

The President of Ghana has come out and challenged every African nation to rise up and stop taking money from the West. You wont believe who he said it to, when he said it and his emotional plea to his fellow African leaders.

Then the Insider reveals exactly WHY General Flynn was targeted and how he was targeted. Something the media could reveal but is in full-blown cover-up mode.

You wont believe who is behind the General Flynn frame job and why he was taken out. It has to do with power and fear and it will have you demanding justice. Time to give a listen.

Plus, a new Dumb Ass Of The Week. The Insider looks to the West Coast for this weeks winner.

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