Insider Reports Ep 51

The Insider Reports: Episode 51: In this episode the Insider brings you up to speed on some happenings in the Middle East. Specifically Iran. It would seem that Iran sent a letter to Greece, a member of the EU and NATO, threatening them with attack if they participate in any way, military action against them (Iran).

The Taliban is chomping at the bit hoping for the day when the USA leaves Afghanistan. The Insider tells you why they are preparing for such a time.

Some interesting and accurate analysis of the 2020 election and what some foreign powers think and believe. How crypto-currency could be a game changer and a huge threat to US security and its economy

And finally, some truth when it comes to what Democrats want you to believe such as the crime rate in New York City. Is it really going down? What do people really think of Mayor Pete in his own home town? Check in with the Insider by listening in now.

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