Episode 46 The Trump Effect

Episode 46: The Trump Effect; The world is changing and there is a good amount on the positive side that can be attributed to President Donald Trump.

The Insider talks to you about how President Trump has had an effect on the people around the world. That effect has given people in various nations the courage to fight for positive political change within their respective nations.

From Hong Kong to South America to many African nations, the Trump effect is being felt. Although the Insider does not specifically mention the African nation of Algeria, current news that developed after recording, has been fighting for greater political freedom.

News reports have noted that the vast majority of the Algerian people refused to vote for their president this election because they felt all five candidates were nothing more than the corrupt status quo. Especially since the ballot boxes were full of more votes than those who actually voted.

This has led to demonstrations by the majority of the people for new and honest elections that do not include ANY of the corrupt politicians from the past. The Insider is keeping a close watch on the developments.

The Insider also covers the vast stupidity surrounding Global Man-Made Climate Change. The Insider shows you why this is a farce and who may be behind it and why. And why the USA seems to be on the hook for the money to fix the made-up issue world-wide.

And this week, the Insider awards the Dumb Ass Of The Week to a very deserving candidate. This person is currently being sued in a court of law by the OAN – One America News Network for defamation and liable. Find out who the winner is by tuning in.

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