Month: June 2019

  • Episode 29

    FIVE new reports in this episode. All of which give you information that our media will not tell you. It is very important stuff that you will be able to use when connecting with your elected officials. Plus, the Dumb Ass Of The Week

  • Episode 28

    The Middle East, especially Iran, is a full blown bonfire right now. The Insider gives you some detail not being told in the news as it pertains to the shooting down of an American Navy drone, US military personnel and bases being targeted by Iran,

  • Episode 27

    There may be some surprises in this weeks episode of the Insider Reports. This includes what the Insider thinks about terrorist organizations that are still in operation in Africa and the Middle East. Plus the Bronze Butt Cheeks of Buffoonery goes to a previous winner.

  • Episode 26

    the Insider talks about Iran and what they did to an American and why he was let go so soon. Executions in North Korea. Russia meddling in our elections and politics and the Dumb Ass Of The Week.