Month: May 2019

  • Episode 25

    When is a drone a toy? The surprising answer is that it is never a toy. The Insider explains why this is so. Plus he tells you about the "new" uses for drones. And Disney is part of the Dumb Ass Of The Week.

  • Episode 24

    Something special in this week episode as the Insider gives proper recognition to those who gave everything so that the rest of us could live in freedom and in safety. It will move you to tears.

  • Episode 23

    All we hear from our government and our media is Russia, Russia, Russia. The Insider tells you why this is not so and gives you proof that it was actually...

  • Episode 22

    In this edition he tells you and why there are more important matters than the Mueller Report. And the Insider gives you a bonus report. Don't forget the Dumb Ass Of The Week award. This week he gives the award to a very deserving individual and you will agree. Find out who by listening in. It's 30 minutes of bliss.

  • Episode 21

    How is it that ISIS keeps recruiting rich and poor to their cause. How is it they can pay "salaries" to their soldiers? The Insider lets you in on the inside intel the spells it all out. Plus the Dumb Ass Of The Week award goes to...