Episode 86

The Insider Reports: Episode 86: Not an episode to miss. Tune in now.

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  • Episode 86

    The Insider Reports: Episode 86: Not an episode to miss. Tune in now.

  • Episode 85

    The year 2020 is in the history books but the Insider seems to think we didn't learn much from that year since we are starting 2021 much like we started 2020. But with a few notable exceptions.

  • Episode 84

    The Insider Reports: Episode 84: And the Lights Went Down In The Middle East: Well at least that is what Iran is hoping since it built its own super naval […]

  • Episode 83

    The Insider Reports: Episode 83: Where the hell has the Insider been? He tells all. What is his stance on the current election issue? You might get a shock when […]

  • Round Table Halloween

    You have to love a good horror story. This episode the Zinc Media Arts Personalities gather to tell the tale of Halloween, Covid-19 and Election 2020 and how its a perfect storm of horror.

  • Episode 82

    The Insider Reports: Episode 82: Thsi week a little commentary on the happenings with the election and Covid-19. Interesting insight, but will you agree? An Insiders take on Trumps tax […]

  • Episode 81

    How about other issues in the Middle East? What does the Insider have to say on some other issues? Keep in mind his uncanny ability to predict the not too distant future.

  • Episode 80

    Hunter Biden is on the lips of just about everyone. The Insider gives you some insight into what is and what has happened in Ukraine in relation to Joe and Hunter Biden

  • Episode 79

    the Insider goes off on Facebook for putting the smack down on another Zinc Media Arts program. He tells you why this is not acceptable and why you, the listener should be outraged.

  • Episode 78

    Joe Biden is running for President but has a long political history that is not very pretty or very nice and the Insider outs good ol' Uncle Joe on a number of issues. Complete with audio in Joe's own words.